Over 50 People Needed Medical Treatment During An Avicii Concert In Boston

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Three men arrested on drug charges near TD Garden.

1. At an Avicii concert Wednesday night, dozens of people were hospitalized after getting sick from drugs and alcohol. Many of them were minors.

Josh Brogadir @joshbNECN

These concert goers describe four officers to take down guy inside, several needing medical attn, use of drugs

3. Concertgoers ranged from age 16 to 25. It’s also unclear if the drug Molly was involved, which is fairly popular among electronic music fans.

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@Avicii we are waiting for you!!!!! #boston

5. When Avicii played in Toronto in May, 29 people were hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning.

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Some people can't hack it. Missing an awesome show too @Avicii #avicii #TRUETOUR

7. As of Wednesday night, officials at the TD Garden had not issued a comment about what happened.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/50-people-sickened-during-avicii-concert



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