Only The Most Brilliant Nintendo Ads (16 Ads)

1. Great 2002 Game Boy Advance campaign via Norway.

2. Great concept. Great Photography.

3. Same concept, ad via Sweden from 2004.

4. 2003 campaign via Singapore for Game Boy Advance. This ad, “Piranhas.” Macabre.

5. 2nd ad (“Granny”) from the campaign. Very disturbing, but very memorable.

6. Many of the old Game Boy commercials are classics. These are a few of my favorites.

7. American Christmas spot.

8. Game Boy Micro “Mouse”

9. Via The UK. Hilarious.

10. Great Game Boy Super Mario commercial via Japan.

11. 2009 Wii Tennis ad via South Africa.

12. Same campaign, Wii Golf.

13. 2005 ad via Italy. Funny. But sad. But, true.

14. Multi-award winning DS ad from 2006, via Italy.

15. Two very controversial, very funny 2007 spots for Jam Sessions. Via New Zealand.

16. THIS one is seriously OMG. That’s his “aunty.” Ad agency: Colenso BBDO.

17. PlayStation advertising has been great, too:

Here’s the most controversial, creative PlayStation ads.

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