OMG WUT: Tamagotchis Now Reincarnated As App

No doubt you remember Tamagotchi, which made those little egg-like gadgets featuring a digital pet you had to take care of. And if you didn’t treat your critter right, it would DIE. And it would be entirely your fault. Can we finally now admit that we were all murderers in the ’90s?

Now you have the chance to make up for your crimes because the fake pets are getting a re-release in app form as “Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.” which apparently stands for “love is fun everywhere” (and not “losers irritated for eternity”). Like the old school version, you have to feed and play with your pet, but of course, in this age of new-fangled technologies, you now have full color, and can connect to Facebook.

The app is currently available for Androids and coming soon to iPhones.

Cool? Cute? Eye-roll?

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