OMG: Beyoncé Cried Because She’s Going To Miss Us, You Guys! Leads The Daily Links

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Plus 22 totally unethical (but effective!) lifehacks, 49 hoaxes people actually believed, and a pretty terrifying life-size Marge Simpson. Just Jared

“I’m giving y’all an ugly cry,” said Beyoncé at the last show of her “Mrs. Carter Tour.” First, you don’t have an ugly anything, Bey. STAHP. More importantly: OMG SHE CRIED BECAUSE SHE’S GOING TO MISS US SO MUCH, GUYS!!! – [Just Jared]

A.V. Club

Watching this model transformed into a life-size version of Marge Simpson totally won’t give you nightmares for the rest of your life. – [A.V. Club]

Thought Catalog

22 amazing but completely unethical lifehacks.– [Thought Catalog]

College Humor

What you thought drinking was like when you were 10, in pics. It turns out that some of it was shockingly accurate! – [College Humor]

The Creator’s Project/VICE

Take a look at an amazing time-lapse video and a few GIFs of fireflies—a truly beautiful nature-and-tech mashup. – [The Creator’s Project/VICE]


Watch this video about 49 hoaxes people actually believed. (Probably because a lot of them seemed really real, okay?!) – [mental_floss]


The University of Iowa denied HBO’s request to film scenes for “GIRLS” there, because of the “potential disruption to campus.” Because there are probably a LOT of distractions there already. In Iowa. – [Variety]


“The Simpsons” LEGOS are here! The house is sold separately. (Really!) – [Supercompressor]

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