Ohio Man Confesses In Video To Killing A Man In Drunk Driving Crash

1. Watch 22-year-old Matthew Cordle’s somber confession in the drunk driving death of Vincent Canzini this past June in Ohio.

2. In the video, Cordle admits that sometimes he drinks heavily to deal with an ongoing battle with depression. On the night of June 22, he hit Canzani’s car while driving blacked-out the wrong way down an Ohio highway.

3. After the accident, Cordle says he spoke to a number of high-powered attorneys who told him they could get him off if he lied in court. Cordle says, when charged, he intends to plead guilty to Canzani’s murder.

4. Cordle produced and published the video along with Because I Said I Would, an Ohio-based NPO that specializes in creating social movement through making bold promises like Cordle’s confession. The group says response to the video has been positive.

5. 61-year-old Vincent Canzani’s obituary said he was a gifted photographer who served in the Navy in the ’80s.

WBNS / Via legacy.com

6. Cordle’s video has been seen by Franklin County prosecutors who intend to charge him with aggravated vehicular homicide with an alcohol specification, the Associated Press reports.

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Cordle may face homicide charges, a spokeswoman for prosecutors said Friday.

7. Cordle ends the clip by begging those who watch his video not to drink and drive.

“I beg you, and I say the word beg specifically, I’m begging you please don’t drink and drive.”

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