Melissa Gorga’s New Book Reveals Sad Truths About Her Sex Life

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Melissa Gorga’s book Love Italian Style is already hugely controversial due to her advocacy of marital rape:

In the beginning, Joe wanted to have sex every single day, at least once, if not twice or three times…If I didn’t give it to him once a day, he’d get upset. I can do something that pisses him off on a Monday, but if we had sex on Sunday night, it blows over more easily. But if we haven’t done it for two days and I give him attitude? It could be a huge fight.

[A] woman needs to keep herself in shape. She has to be seductive. She must be willing to try new things for her husband’s pleasure and her own. And, most important, she has to be available for sex. There’s real passionate sex and maintenance sex. You need them both for a healthy marriage. Maintenance sex keeps the wheels greased, the lines of communication open, and the fights to a minimum.

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Richard Gere and Carey Lowell are calling it quits after 11 years of marriage.

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Kanye West chatted about his love for Kim and his crusade against the paparazzi with BBC Radio:

“Family time – it’s what Kim gave me. She gave me everything. She gave me a family. She gave me a support system. She was in a powerful enough situation where she could love me without asking me for money, which is really hard for me to find.”

And then:

“I’m going to tell my daughter, by the time she understands what it was, ‘Man, me and your mother were in a completely different situation than you’re in. People could take pictures, people could climb over your fence, and you wouldn’t even get paid for it. You see all these checks that you getting at age 6 because people are taking your picture? … I made that happen, Nori. That’s what I’m going to tell her.”

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Lamar Odom broke his silence on the Kardashian drama happening in his life after his dad Joe trashed Kris Jenner and the Kardashian Klan:

That man wasn’t even invited to my wedding. He has never met my mother in law and some of my other family. How can a man who has NOT once called me to check on my well being have the nerve to talk so recklessly about his own “son”. He is my downfall! His own demons may be the ONLY thing he gave 2 me. He disrespecting the ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return. They are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time. Only person 2 blame is myself. Say what you want about me but leave the ones who have done nothing but protect and love me out of this! This goes to out to everyone!

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Robert Pattinson is allegedly dating Sean Penn’s and Robin Wright’s daughter Dylan.

Yup, Miley Cyrus got this tattooed on her feet.

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Yesterday a judge ruled that Amanda Bynes is unfit to stand trial.

Zac Efron might have possibly OD’d on “Hillbilly Heroin” once.

Sarah Michelle Gellar says she didn’t have much of a relationship with her dad.

Lindsay Lohan’s half sister got plastic surgery to look more like her.

Ellen Pompeo totally hated the Emmys, calling them “dated.”

Samuel L. Jackson gave a great interview to Playboy.

Novak Djokovic is engaged to Jelena Ristic.

John Stamos is ready to settle down.

Everyone is buying tickets to Britney Spears’ Vegas show.

Nina Dobrev is now dating Derek Hough.

Kim Kardashian will lend her voice to American Dad.

Another day, another Nicki Minaj nipslip.

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