Madonna Just Fell Down A Flight Of Stairs On Stage At The Brit Awards


Oh my goodness… Update: Madonna said that her cape was tied “too tight.”

So, uh, Madonna was supposed to close out the Brit Awards Wednesday night when this happened:

And let’s just say people noticed…

OH NO MADONNA!!!! Yikes. #BRITs2015

— allonsy_kate (@Katie)

Oh God Madonna ðŸ˜ðŸ˜±#BRITs2015

— Belt_Time (@silver / 74 ✈)

As they say in the movie The Incredibles: “No capes.”

— imbadatlife (@Luke Bailey)

And just in case video of it gets pulled down, here’s a GIF.


Update: Madonna has commented that her cape was “tied too tight” in an Instagram post.

Madonna has spoken. ARMANI DID IT.

— eralc (@Clare Steel)

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