Link25 (002) – Lego Edition

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After our first edition of Link25 last week we promised you that we would be back every Friday for a weekly run down of the best videos, images, and articles on the web. So because we keep our promises, we’re back, and this week features everything from cats playing pattycake to hipsters venting their anger over Facebook acquiring Instagram. Get ready because this is Link25 (002) – Lego Edition.

25. Polygonal Celebrities From Your iPad

Poly is a new geometric drawing app for the iPad by Seoul-based interaction designer Jean-Christophe Naour. The program lets you import imagery and trace it geometrically while it averages color based on data within each triangular field. Check out these famous celebrities…as polygons!




21. Twitter Reactions To Facebook Buying Instagram

On Tuesday, after Instagram was bought out by Facebook for $1 billion, hipsters everywhere took to the airwaves with loud cries bemoaning the loss of their favorite platform. In spite of all the commotion, however, some people managed to find the humor in the situation. Here is their voice.



18. Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying…

17. 9 Types of Crappy Handshakes

Giving someone a handshake is like giving them a piece of yourself. It tells them who you are, what you’re like, and how much you workout. It’s probably a good idea therefore to make sure that none of these belong to you.


15. Bubba Watson’s Awkward Handshake During The Masters

As serious as this moment can be, the awkwardness following Bubba Watson’s fakeout of Bill Payne after winning the Masters makes it all the more hilarious.

14. Extraordinary Ice Cave in Iceland

This extraordinary image by Shy Cohen was’s photo of the day for February 16, 2012. It’s one of the many ice caves in Iceland and a nature photographer’s dream. Shy captured the scene with a Canon 7D (10-22). He also emphasizes the importance of visiting these caves with a knowledgeable guide as parts of the cave may be unstable and dangerous.



11. Off The Grid: People Who Have Left Technology Behind

It’s strange to write this on the internet, the forefront of all things technological and modern… but some people are deciding to leave it all behind. For various reasons — from seeing the effects of modern society on the natural world, to the way people are increasingly connected to electronic devices, or the way the rat race of consumerism envelops the fabric of our communities — a number of people are choosing to live a more ‘down to earth’ existence, getting them in touch with the land in older, now forgotten ways. This article follows three groups of people who take this to the extreme.

10. A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square


8. College Humor Video: Picking Up Chicks!bnpWp4

7. Win The Nobel Prize, Live Longer

Did you know that winning a Nobel Prize adds an average of 1 and a half years to your life? Sure, it may sound a little crazy but here’s 25 ways you can optimize your life span.


5. Thailand’s Floating Movie Theatre

Have you ever seen a movie? Yes, we all have. But have you ever seen a movie while floating on the water? Probably not. If you happen to find yourself on Kudu Island in Thailand however, this fantasy could be made a reality.

4. The Most Crowded Train In The World

Found in India, you would be hard pressed to come across a more crowded rail system. These are the 25 most crowded places in the world.

3. The 6 Most Quoted Pieces of Advice That Are Usually Wrong

From birth, we’ve been inundated with one-sentence messages that are meant to be quick fixes for virtually any problem. You find them everywhere: songs, sitcoms, movies, novels. That’s not saying that these bits of advice are necessarily wrong — we’ve just been hammered with it for so long that we sort of just accept it as absolute gospel. But just like any advice or random pill you find on the floorboard of your car, it needs to be examined before it’s swallowed.


1. Beautiful Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton

French artist Julien Breton aka Kaalam started calligraphy in 2001 by copying Arabic calligraphers. Self-taught, he began to incorporate long exposure photography to create incredible light paintings around the world. All of the images in this gallery were created in-camera, meaning there is no Photoshop trickery or post-production manipulation involved in creating these works of art.

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