Let These Cats Predict Your Future

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Who needs tarot cards when you have cats??

  1. Pick a cat, any cat:
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Let These Cats Predict Your Future

  1. You got: Your future is brighter than you think!

    So you may be a little worry-wart or maybe even enjoy worry a little too much but there’s no need! Right when you think your hard work isn’t paying off on a huge project, you’ll suddenly have a break-through and voila!

  2. You got: You’ll reconnect with a lost loved-one sometime soon .

    You sometimes push people away without necessarily trying to. However, someone you never thought you’d see again comes back into your life. It will be up to you if they are deserving or not but do not be super quick to judge.

  3. You got: You’ll get a S.O. as soon as you stop trying so hard!

    Ya know how people say you’ll find the love of your life when you stop looking? Well, it’s true. Partially ‘cause not even Bey can pull of desperation. Already matched up? Just means you’re in for some extra great romance sometime in the next week.

  4. You got: You and your best friend will fight and then make up.

    It’s no biggie, just listen to each other and you’ll probably realize that you were fighting over nothing after all.

  5. You got: Beware of a two-faced person in your life.

    If you picked this cat, your subconscious has already sense that there is a two-faced joker in your life that you need to be wary of. Don’t panic though: once you figure out who it is, you can deal with it accordingly. Hey, sometimes this just means someone has a crush on you and is acting otherwise, so it’s not ALL bad.

  6. You got: You will be a FREE BIRD.

    You feel trapped right now-maybe by a job, friend, or just life’s burdens at large. However, as soon as you gather your strength, you will leap forward and be amazed at all of the wonderful things you can accomplish without the shackles that were holding you back before.

  7. You got: Your life of free-loading may have run its course.

    So, either your the cat in the hood or the human carrying the cat. If you’ve been reliant on other humans for a long time, it’s time to step up and start pulling your weight. If you’re the human, maybe lighten your load. Let humans know you need help and you’ll be surprised how much they want to help.

  8. You got: You will feel the need to step out of your comfort zone soon.

    You may be getting bored with your day-to-day life but no worries! There are solutions to that! Maybe introduce yourself to someone you’ve been shy about saying hi to, try that new restaurant or even get yourself an item of clothing you’ve been eyeing but were afraid to try before. I promise, we’ll get you out of that rut!

  9. You got: You will finally tell someone how you REALLY feel.

    You’ve been keeping a lot bottled in-both positive and negative feelings. You should talk to those you care about them, (even if it’s just an “I love you!” that you’ve repressed). Be kind when you speak and you’ll feel way better.

  10. You got: You’re going to have a spiritual experience soon.

    Whatever that means to you, you may be craving a spiritual experience. This could come in the form of experiencing nature deeply, to deepening a connection with the religion you follow (if you follow one). For both groups of people, a nice trip outdoors may do the trick. Just take a deep breath and look around at all the beautiful things the world has to offer!

  11. You got: You’re going to cheer someone up soon.

    Never underestimate the power of being a good listener prepared with a warm hug. Someone in your life may be a little down lately and you’ll be the key to getting them to feel better.

  12. You got: You need to take a rest.

    You are probably feeling under the weather-either physically or mentally. Maybe it’s time to take a vacation. Or, if that’s not possible right now, try and take 10 minutes out of your day to realign yourself in some quiet. Take a few deep breaths and try and clear your mind. I promise, it will help.

  13. You got: Your curiosity will lead you to a great new adventure.

    Curiosity has been one of your greatest qualities and within the next month it will lead you to some exciting times. May it be a new love, place or even just learning something fascinating about someone you’ve known forever…it will be wonderful. Keep that curious spirit up and you can’t go wrong!

  14. You got: Your curiosity may get you into some trouble.

    So, curiosity can actually be a great thing, even for cats. However, you have to be careful about where you stick your little nose because sometimes the smell isn’t as rosey as you think. Before pushing for information, ask yourself: at what cost? If it’s not worth it, maybe just stick to your own problems for now.

  15. You got: Someone will tell you something shocking.

    And your first reaction may be a little…inappropriate. However, what this person needs is for you to remain calm. So, close that jaw and take it in. You can go scream/laugh into a pillow later.

  16. You got: You’re going to need some serious alone time this month.

    Which is fine! Everyone needs to step back and just enjoy a quiet evening by themselves. The hard part is being disciplined about finding that time before you burn out. Try and set aside a night where you can decompress.

  17. You got: You’re going to be getting a present sometime soon.

    You’re craving the cushy life which is great and well-deserved. This may come in the form of a present from another person or maybe it’s just time you treat yourself. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just a little treat will do the trick.

  18. You got: You are about to settle down.

    This could be with a S.O., a pet, or even just a job you really love. Prepared to feel a little more grounded in your life. If this scares you, don’t let it! Grounded does not mean stuck. In fact, it can sometimes help you leap to the great unknown, knowing there is some stability if you fall.

  19. You got: You’re in store for quite the surprise!


  20. You got: Someone is in love with you.

    Congrats, someone is crazy in love with you. If you already know who it is, congrats! If you don’t, congrats! Love is a wonderful thing.

  21. You got: It’s time for you to lean in.

    I mean, shouldn’t everybody? Just try and be more present in your day-to-day life which will allow you to take charge of your destiny. What’s more exciting that that??

  22. You got: You will be massively grumpy.

    Okay, so you’re going to hit a bit of a grumpy patch in the next couple weeks. It’s okay, everyone does. It’s helpful to be aware of it so you don’t lash out at those you love the most. If you sense you’re getting frustrated, take a step back and reassess what’s REALLY bugging you.

  23. You got: You will be laughing up a storm in the next few weeks.

    Oh man, you’re going to be having so much fun even if you don’t get a little vacation. A huge part of life is just how you choose to hold it and these next couple weeks you have got it down. Go out and spread that joy, human!

  24. You got: You will make great strides in reaching for your dreams.

    Wow! You’ve been craving that extra motivation to getting some of your goals accomplished. Whether it’s a project at work or school, or a side creative project for yourself, you’re really going to feel motivated in the next few weeks. Keep that up and you’ll go far!

  25. You got: These next few weeks will be about self reflection.

    Things may have not been going exactly how you want them to be going the last few weeks and that’s just how it goes. The forthcoming weeks will be about self-reflection: a necessary aspect of enacting positive change in one’s life. Get it!

  26. You got: Someone or something new will be coming into your life.

    This is very exciting. Whether you know it or not, something is missing in your life at present but not for long!

  27. You got: You will feel out of control the next few weeks but there is hope!

    You’re usually so focused on “big picture!” ideas that sometimes you need to really look at the details. This will be crucial in the next month as it will inform and strengthen all those big picture ideas you’re naturally so good at!


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