Kim Kardashian’s Game Has Stopped Working And Everyone Is Freaking Out

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“Where were you when the Kardashian game stopped working?” – something your grandchildren will ask you one day.

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Via Twitter: @kelSAY_anYAY

2. On Friday evening, Twitter users began having a meltdown because Kim Kardashian’s iPhone and Android game of the same name stopped working. Users were upset and took to the social media site to express their frustrations:

3. The fashion industry is basically in shambles.

Cupid Valentino @shEgoTripn

Why won't my fucking Kim K game load?!?! Bitch I earned my A status without cheating AND I'm starting runway jobs…the fuck going on?!

4. Some have even resorted to using memes to express their concerns.

Calvin @aurosan

omg the comments on kim kardashian's instagram are next level scary right now

11. This guy can’t even fulfill his socialite duties.

*.•* olay *.•* @narrypiizza

The Kim Kardashian game for is saying “try again” well fuck you I just want to play and be famous and go on dates and get money

12. This Twitter user is missing out on money because of this.

Angel Best @Miss_Soft_Voice

This Kim Kardashian Hollywood game isn't working during my 24 hour photo shoot. I'm not tryna miss out on money & fans for this..

13. Someone please call 9-1-1. This is an emergency.

Anna @anna_johnson1

911 the kim kardashian game is Not working

14. What’s up with that, Kim? Your fandom is awaiting a fix for this matter of extreme importance.

Kim Kardashian's Game Has Stopped Working And Everyone Is Freaking Out

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E! / Via T.Kyle


An earlier post indicated Rob Kardashian tweeted about the Kardashian game being down, however, it was a parody account that issued the tweet.

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