Joey Essex Eating Ostrich Penis And Pig Brain Will Make You Cringe And Burst Out Laughing In Equal Measure

Joey Essex and Matthew Wright were the first to take on a Bushtucker trial last night. And it was an emotional roller coaster of a menu.


Matthew described it as “chicken but soggier”.

And Joey’s reaction was priceless.

Until he had to try it himself, of course.

2. Ostrich penis.

Joey was hilarious before he’d even sampled it.


Then commented: “It’s like a school rubber with wee on it.”

Matthew seemed to agree as he almost gagged.

Matthew was first up. Check Joey’s face.

Then Joey made it look even more traumatic on his turn. So gross. So funny.

This is when the facial expressions will get to you. But according to Joey it tastes like Marmite on toast.

Not sure Matthew totally agreed.

5. Turkey testicles.

So funny. So awful.

In fact it will make you do this.


Joey genuinely looked scared.

Then evoked a whole range of emotions to hilarious effect when it was his turn to eat the balls.

6. And finally: A drinking race with blended cockroaches. Yummy.

A bit like downing a pint but way more disgusting.

7. And it was ultimately Joey who won. Yay. Although he could have won for facial expressions alone.

You can watch the whole hilariously disgusting clip here.

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