Iranian Posters Warn Against Sexual Harassment

1. A current billboard. “Veil Is Security” from flies (men).

2. “Flower of modesty grows in the garden of Hijab.”

3. “Improper Hijab is the starting point of harassment for those who seek to harass.”

4. The “pearl in its shell” analogy is apparently used a lot with these ads.

5. “In this blizzard of watchful eyes do not forget your umbrella: Hijab” (probably not an official government poster)

6. “Psychologists say: those who dress inappropriately and use lots of makeup have character issues.”

7. “We ourselves invite [sexual] harassment: Girls who do not dress properly are harassed and targeted in the streets.”

8. Iranian schoolgirls mocking a poster. “Hijab is protection not limitation”

All images (except the first one) and translations via this imgur page.

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