If Lady Gaga Had A Mugshot It Might Look Like This

1. So, Lady Gaga is re-entering our lives.

Via FameFly Net

And she’s doing it with dangerous shoes, robo-dresses, and camo loafer-wearing men to hold her up along the way.

Are YOU excited for the release of her forthcoming single and iPhone all “Artpop”? No? In that case don’t worry because she’s still dressing weird and that’s always fun.

2. She visited the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills this week wearing her favorite blond weave, a silver Judy Jetson dress, and her signature look of malcontent.

Via FameFly Net

Since her makeup is surprisingly understated, countless websites will inevitably go for click bait headlines like “SEE GAGA WITHOUT MAKEUP” and ” SHOCKING: Gaga Hits L.A. With NO Makeup.” (And if you were HuffPo and you were tweeting, you’d say something slightly more obnoxious like “Guess what Lady Gaga DIDN’T Wear when she stepped out in L.A.” But you wouldn’t have to click it thanks to @HuffPoSpoilers.)

But at BuzzFeed Fashion, we’re classier than that. We won’t mask the truth and act like 1. Gaga isn’t wearing any makeup in these photos (she is, please) or that 2. These photos should be taken for anything other than what they are, which is…

3. This is totally what Gaga would look like if she ever had to pose for a mug shot.

Via FameFly Net

4. It meets the top three celebrity mugshot requirements.

5. 1. Mussed but not totally unkempt hair.

As demonstrated here by She of the Most Glamorous Mugshots Ever, Paris Hilton.

6. 2. Very little makeup but enough so that you know she at least filled in her eyebrows and put ChapStick on.

Maybe Aquaphor.

7. And 3. A vaguely quizzical expression.

8. So: Mugshot Gaga!

Maybe that’s the title of her second new single. It’s something she would do.

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