I Knew They Were Different But These 10 Photos Are Truly Shocking. And Eye-Opening.

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With North Korea being ruled by a ruthless dictator and South Korea enjoying a democracy, the nations appear to be worlds apart–even though they call the same peninsula home. In his “Korea-Korea” project, German photographer Dieter Leistner used pictures he took in both North Korea and South Korea to illustrate how different the two countries are. Take a look at the stark contrast between the neighboring countries.

1.) City Street, South Korea

2.) City Street, North Korea

3.) Bus Stop, South Korea

4.) Bus Stop, North Korea

5.) Woman Working, South Korea

6.) Woman Working, North Korea

7.) Mass Transit, South Korea

8.) Mass Transit, North Korea

9.) Suburbs, South Korea

10.) Suburbs, North Korea

(H/T Upworthy) Forget different countries, these photographs look like they were taken in different centuries. If you’re wondering why North Koreans don’t leave their outdated land behind, well, it’s a lot more complicated than that. To put it simply, there’s no way they’re seeing any pictures of the modernized country below them. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un goes to great lengths to isolate the nation from the rest of the world. Share this photographic tale of two countries using the button below.

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