How Much Is Your Life Like A Sitcom?


Hey, there’s no shame in hanging out with the same people all the time if you’re having a lot of fun.

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  1. Check everything that applies to your life.
    1. 1 ✓ Do you only ever spend time with the same small group of people?
    2. 2 ✓ Do you live with everyone in your small circle of friends?
    3. 3 ✓ Has everyone in your small circle of friends hooked up at some point?
    4. 4 ✓ Do you spend almost all of your time around your family?
    5. 5 ✓ Does your social life only involve the people you work with?
    6. 6 ✓ Do you only spend time around people from your school?
    7. 7 ✓ Do you spend time around your school even after you’ve graduated?
    8. 8 ✓ Are you still in high school despite the fact that you’re obviously an adult?
    9. 9 ✓ Is someone making a documentary about your family, school, or workplace?
    10. 10 ✓ Is everyone at your school or workplace extremely good looking?
    11. 11 ✓ Do you constantly hear laughing, but can’t figure out where it’s coming from?
    12. 12 ✓ Do you often hear applause when someone enters a room?
    13. 13 ✓ Do you ever hear people go “ooooooooh!” when someone near you gets kissed?
    14. 14 ✓ Do you ever hear people go “awwwwwww!” whenever a kid says something cute?
    15. 15 ✓ Do you always pause for laughter after saying something funny?
    16. 16 ✓ Do you have a hopeless unrequited crush on someone you have known for a long time?
    17. 17 ✓ Does someone you’ve known for a long time have a hopeless unrequited crush on you?
    18. 18 ✓ Have you ever been in a “will they or won’t they” romantic situation?
    19. 19 ✓ Do you have amazing sexual chemistry with anyone you truly hate?
    20. 20 ✓ Do you still spend a huge amount of your time hanging out with one of your exes?
    21. 21 ✓ Do you date a lot, and not stick with anyone for longer than a few weeks?
    22. 22 ✓ Do you have a roommate who is your opposite?
    23. 23 ✓ Do you know any total jerks who are secretly really nice?
    24. 24 ✓ Do you have a neighbor who constantly insinuates themselves into your life?
    25. 25 ✓ Are you hopelessly, desperately single?
    26. 26 ✓ Do you have a best friend who is hopelessly, desperately single?
    27. 27 ✓ Do you have a best friend who is extremely promiscuous?
    28. 28 ✓ Do you have exactly one black friend?
    29. 29 ✓ Do you have exactly one Asian friend?
    30. 30 ✓ Do you have exactly one gay friend?
    31. 31 ✓ Do you have exactly one latino friend?
    32. 32 ✓ Do you have exactly one white friend?
    33. 33 ✓ Are you the only [insert race/gender/sexual orientation] in your friends group?
    34. 34 ✓ Do you know a slobby fat guy who you constantly mock?
    35. 35 ✓ Are you a slobby fat guy who is constantly mocked?
    36. 36 ✓ Do you have a boss who is a total buffoon?
    37. 37 ✓ Do you have a boss who is harsh, but fair?
    38. 38 ✓ Do you have one friend who is so dumb that they can barely function as a human being?
    39. 39 ✓ Do you have a significant other who never ever interacts with anyone in your life?
    40. 40 ✓ Do you know any children who seemed to age rapidly from baby to toddler to tween?
    41. 41 ✓ Do you have an apartment in a major city that is much bigger and nicer than you can plausibly afford?
    42. 42 ✓ Do your friends spend an unusual amount of time hanging out in your apartment?
    43. 43 ✓ Do you spend an unusual amount of time hanging out in one of your friends’ apartments?
    44. 44 ✓ Do you spend all of your time in only two rooms of your house?
    45. 45 ✓ Do you spend a lot of time in bars without ever getting drunk?
    46. 46 ✓ Do you spend a lot of time hanging around a neighborhood coffee shop?
    47. 47 ✓ Do you spend a lot of time time hanging around a neighborhood diner?
    48. 48 ✓ Do you and your friends always sit at exactly the same booth at your favorite diner or bar?
    49. 49 ✓ Do you have a mostly hostile relationship with your spouse but stay together anyway?
    50. 50 ✓ Is your wife significantly more attractive than you?
    51. 51 ✓ Is your husband a lot less attractive than you?
    52. 52 ✓ Do you have an antagonistic relationship with one of your in-laws?
    53. 53 ✓ Do you have a rival?
    54. 54 ✓ Have you or anyone you’ve ever known given birth in an unusual setting?
    55. 55 ✓ Have you or anyone you’ve ever known gotten married in an unusual setting?
    56. 56 ✓ Do you and everyone you know dress up in elaborate costumes every Halloween?
    57. 57 ✓ Have you and your friends ever reminisced about the past in great detail for no good reason?
    58. 58 ✓ Have you ever experienced amnesia or a total personality change after being hit in the head?
    59. 59 ✓ Have you ever overheard a conversation and got totally the wrong idea about what was being said?
    60. 60 ✓ Have you ever been locked in a small room with someone you didn’t like very much?
    61. 61 ✓ Are you very rarely seen eating?
    62. 62 ✓ Does your high school principal play an unusually large role in your personal life?
    63. 63 ✓ Does your boss at work play an unusually large role in your personal life?
    64. 64 ✓ Are you friends with any extremely nerdy guys?
    65. 65 ✓ Do you live in the same building as your romantic partner, but not in the same apartment?
    66. 66 ✓ Does your best friend live next door to you?
    67. 67 ✓ Have you ever met a long-lost relative?
    68. 68 ✓ Have you ever gone on a vacation with your small group of friends or coworkers?
    69. 69 ✓ Do you spend every holiday with your small group of friends or coworkers?
    70. 70 ✓ Do you periodically learn very special lessons about life?
    71. 71 ✓ Do you have an incredibly close relationship to the entire family of one of your friends?
    72. 72 ✓ Are you a single parent raising kids with the help of a lot of other people in your community?
    73. 73 ✓ Do you live with one or more exceedingly precocious children?
    74. 74 ✓ Has anyone in your family ever completely changed their appearance without explanation?
    75. 75 ✓ Do you know any cartoonishly snobby rich people?
    76. 76 ✓ Have you experienced a sudden reversal of fortune in which you had to live with cartoonishly snobby rich people?
    77. 77 ✓ Do you live in a town that has a rivalry with another nearby town?
    78. 78 ✓ Have you ever thrown a wild party at your parents’ house while they were away?
    79. 79 ✓ Have you ever spent the night in jail for doing something dumb?
    80. 80 ✓ Have you ever pretended to be someone else as part of an elaborate scheme?
    81. 81 ✓ Have you or anyone you know had a “get rich quick” scheme?
    82. 82 ✓ Have you ever said something horrible about someone and then found out they were standing right behind you?
    83. 83 ✓ Do you often hang up the phone without saying goodbye?
    84. 84 ✓ Are all your problems and dilemmas generally resolved within a half hour?
    85. 85 ✓ Do you learn a lesson at the end of every day of your life?

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How Much Is Your Life Like A Sitcom?

  1. Your life is a lot like a sitcom, but may not actually BE a sitcom. Or maybe your life is a sitcom, but it’s a sorta unconventional sitcom?

    20th Century Fox

  2. This should explain all those wacky adventures you keep having with your close-knit group of friends.

    Chuck Lorre Productions/Warner Bros.

  3. Your life is definitely a sitcom, and it’s hilarious. Enjoy hanging out in your improbably large apartment with your best friends forever!

    Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros.


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