How Awkward Of A Person Are You?

Let’s find out once and for all.

  1. Check off all that apply! Within the past 30 days have you…
    1. ✓ Waved at someone you you thought you knew but didn’t?
    2. ✓ Told a waiter, “You too!” after they said to enjoy your meal?
    3. ✓ Had no comeback to an insult?
    4. ✓ Told a joke and forgot the punch line halfway through?
    5. ✓ Walked down a hallway and been forced to pretend that you didn’t see someone because you can’t initiate conversation 200 feet away?
    6. ✓ Thought someone was asking you a question but realized they were just talking on a Bluetooth?
    7. ✓ Hugged someone for a LITTLE too long?
    8. ✓ Had people sing “Happy Birthday” while you were forced to sit there like “…”?
    9. ✓ Called the wrong person “mom”?
    10. ✓ Had to to just smile and say, “Yeah!” after not hearing what someone just said to you?
    11. ✓ Kept making eye contact with someone and started to look like an insane person?
    12. ✓ Said hello to someone but they didn’t hear you and kept walking?
    13. ✓ Watched a movie with a sex scene with your parents?
    14. ✓ Seen someone you knew in the grocery store and then saw them in the next aisle. And the next aisle. And the next aisle?
    15. ✓ Watched a couple suck face in public?
    16. ✓ Said/hugged/shook good-bye to a friend and realized you were both headed in the same direction?
    17. ✓ Done something weirdly sexual and accidentally made eye contact with someone?
    18. ✓ Had someone hold a door open for you while you were a LITTLE bit too far away and forced to start running?
    19. ✓ Felt an irrational fear after hearing these words: “OK, everyone pair up”?
    20. ✓ Talked to someone in the bathroom?
    21. ✓ Mistakenly thought someone was waving to you?
    22. ✓ Told someone a hilarious story and realized that person was the one who told it to you?
    23. ✓ Done the the “stranger dance” when you and someone you didn’t know walked at each other and had to avoid crashing?
    24. ✓ Pulled a door that said “push” or pushed a door that said “pull”?
    25. ✓ Had a conversation like: “How are you?” “Terrific! How are you?” “Not bad, you?”
    26. ✓ Grabbed someone’s hand accidentally while riding public transportation?
    27. ✓ Accidentally rubbed hands while walking next to someone?
    28. ✓ Accidentally swung your hand into someone’s crotch while walking next to them?
    29. ✓ Left the sound on on your phone while using it in the bathroom?
    30. ✓ Had your ringtone go off in the middle of class?
    31. ✓ Sent a text to the wrong person?
    32. ✓ Accidentally liked someone’s Facebook picture from several years ago?
    33. ✓ Confused a fist bump for a high five?
    34. ✓ Confused a handshake for a hug?
    35. ✓ Asked someone at a store for a different size and realized that person didn’t work there?
    36. ✓ Tripped up the stairs?
    37. ✓ Tripped over your own feet?
    38. ✓ Tripped over nothing?
    39. ✓ Accidentally wore the same outfit as someone else?
    40. ✓ Uncontrollably laughed out loud to the point where everyone stared at you?
    41. ✓ Uncontrollably laughed at something that you just remembered so you actually seem like a literal insane person?
    42. ✓ Responded with “you’re welcome” when someone said to have a great day?
    43. ✓ Said, “Well, this is awkward” during a pause in a conversation?
    44. ✓ Forgotten the name of someone you JUST met?
    45. ✓ Made eye contact with someone through a bathroom stall?
    46. ✓ Clogged a toilet at someone else’s home?
    47. ✓ Walked in the wrong direction and tried to turn around while playing it cool?
    48. ✓ Had difficulty trying to figure out which eye to look at on a person?
    49. ✓ Been trapped in a conversation you wanted nothing to do with?
    50. ✓ Said these words: “What party?”
    51. ✓ Spat food in someone’s face?
    52. ✓ Almost had a complete breakdown while riding an elevator?
    53. ✓ Fallen asleep in an inappropriate place?
    54. ✓ Left the bathroom with toilet paper clinging to part of you?
    55. ✓ Had a child make fun of you?
    56. ✓ Had no idea what to do with your arms while walking?
    57. ✓ Felt betrayed by your friends because you showed up early to a restaurant/movies before them?
    58. ✓ Had to make small talk with the person giving you a haircut?
    59. ✓ Had no idea if someone was flirting with you or just being friendly?
    60. ✓ Had to go on a long walk with someone you only KIND OF know?
    61. ✓ Had your friend leave the room and leave you with their OTHER friend?
    62. ✓ Had your stomach growl in a silent room?
    63. ✓ Awkwardly side-hugged a person?
    64. ✓ Walked into a glass door/window?
    65. ✓ Told something you thought was funny then realized NO ONE was laughing?
    66. ✓ Had to attempt conversation with a dentist while they had their hands in your mouth?
    67. ✓ Gotten stuck in something?
    68. ✓ Gotten stuck in something meant for a child?
    69. ✓ Gotten stuck in something meant for a child and had to call the fire department?
    70. ✓ Gotten stuck in something meant for a child and had to call the fire department and had the fire department stand there laughing at you?

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How Awkward Of A Person Are You?

  1. You’re not too awkward at all! I bet you’re a politician. I bet if you’re not a politician, you’re going to give birth to one someday. You’re the person we all strive to be. But, let’s be honest… What’s life without those precious awkward moments?

  2. You’re super awkward! But aren’t we all? Hey, it’s OK. We’ve all had trouble with our basic motor skills from time to time. IT JUST HAPPENS. Just remember: No one’s watching. Well, unless they all are. In that case, everyone is watching. Oh no.

  3. WOW. I feel awkward just typing this to a person as awkward as you. Oof. Hey, no worries, though. Everyone is a little awkward, right? You are just way, way more than they are. My advice: Find a stable pair of shoes and commit to the handshake or the fist bump. It’ll save you a lot of trouble in the future.


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