Here’s How To Never Screw Up A High Five Ever Again

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Smack that, gimme some more.

1. High fives: the preferred method of expressing camaraderie, congratulations, and basically that you’re rocking shit.


2. There’s no better feeling in the world than landing a good high five. The clap of the hands. The echoing smack. It’s victory incarnated as a human gesture.


3. But bad high fives are a real thing. We’ve all been there — the hands don’t make proper contact, there isn’t the reverberating clapping sound, and you’re left to shamefully repeat the entire process.



4. But here at BuzzFeed, we’re here to solve ALL your high-five problems ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

5. The trick is simple: You need to make eye contact with your high-five partner’s elbow, and follow through.

Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

6. BAM. Perfect high five, every time!

Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

It works SO well, it even has its own Urban Dictionary entry!

7. Follow this one simple hack, and you’ll never be left hanging like this dweeb.

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