Here Are The 14 Most Absurd Police Sketches Ever. I Can’t Stop Laughing At #8!

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It takes talent to draw anything, let alone to be the artist who creates police sketches only based on descriptions. Listening to fine detail and being able to translate that into a realistic image is a very special talent. That just happens to be a talent that these 14 sketch artists did not have. We’re not sure what they were thinking, but it’s pretty obvious that maybe they aren’t the best at their job…

1.) Apparently they were looking for Mario. Or Luigi.

2.) THIS person was making lewd comments.

3.) Good luck finding this faceless man.

4.) And they actually caught him.

5.) He seems pretty chill for beating someone up.

6.) Oh, are they trying to find someone from my nightmares?

7.) Somehow this doesn’t look natural.

8.) Whoever they are looking for was recently electrocuted.

9.) Apparently, shifty eyes was the most important detail.

10.) Oh, look, a werewolf!

11.) Don’t look for the eyeless man. Do not.

12.) That’s certainly helpful.

13.) 100% accurate.

14.) And Asian countries are now using Wii avatars.

(H/T Dose) The most shocking part about these terrible photos is that some of them actually resulted in arrests. That’s just downright impressive. Share these ridiculous police sketches – no one will be able to believe they are real.

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