Graduation— Another Event Ruined By Today’s Technology

We’ve all either seen or heard how much technology is ruining things from childbirth to funerals. Sure, humans should be a lot smarter and courteous but let’s face it…people are stupid. You know, Instagramming or Tweeting at inappropriate times is what our society has turned into. And there is further proof it has ruined graduations.

So, while attending a recent graduation…I noticed how many people would rather stare at their phones than pay attention to the event. Graduation is an important stepping stone to the future of every student. Who knows if the hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt is worth it, still important though. We are all so obsessed with our phones we miss everything around us.

What could these people possibly be doing instead of watching the ceremony?

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better tweet this so everyone knows im @graduation

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OMG I can’t believe my little brother is already graduating! I feel so old LOL. Congratulations baby bro. mom dad and i are sooo proud!

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One more level….come on. WHERE’S THE CANDY BOMB??

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Hmm what’s a baccalaureate…better look this up. It’ll be eating at me all day.

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