Finally, Someone Says What We’re All Thinking. If Only Companies Could Be This Honest With Us!

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Everyone knows that companies lie to us about their products ALL THE TIME. They can’t all be the best in the biz, but they’ll say just about anything to convince us that they are… and yeah, sometimes we can be pretty gullible. But over on Tumblr, this blog has tapped into the truth behind these products with some hilarious new “Honest Slogans.” It’s all just… so true.

1. Red Lobster

2. Cheerios

3. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

4. Budweiser

5. Chapstick

6. Lego

7. Sriracha

8. Wikipedia

9. Bugles

10. Icee

11. Victoria’s Secret

12. Motel 6

It’s always nice to see some truth for a change. Like a breath of fresh air! Share the hilarious honesty with your friends by clicking below.

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