Fashion Show Attendees Shrug Off “Shocking” Runway Streaker

1. After Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana took a bow on their runway following their men’s fashion show in Milan, this sprite-like bundle of energy bounded down the runway fully nude, save sneakers.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Apparently, according to GQ, he dashed onto the runway and ripped off his clothes. “Not sure if it was breakaway suit or what,” fashion editor Matt Sebra reports. “Full freeball.”

(If you want to see his un-blurred junk, keep scrolling. You’ll get another warning in huge font buffered by choice SFW gifs before you hit it.)

3. You can see bits of the breakaway suit — or whatever it was — in this instagram.

4. Security guards eventually brought the man’s naked frolic to an end.

It appears that they shielded his junk from the audience with a suit jacket or some such garment, which must have indeed irked the dozens of people trying to instagram his balls.

5. The streaker must have been pretty wild, as evidenced by the five security guards needed to contain him.

[Insert your own joke about the size of his private parts here.]

6. The hooligan’s identity is a mystery, but this instagram photo identifies him as “Mikey the Streaker.”

He might look innocent enough, but a man whose bros who tuck their tops into the waistbands of their exposed underwear is definitely up to no good.

7. The streaker wasn’t entirely out of place on the runway, which included several semi-nude male models already.

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / WireImage / Getty Images

8. Here’s a closer look at the semi-nude male models who were actually hired to walk the runway.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

9. Shirltessness and varying degrees of pantslessness are typical of men’s fashion week.

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / WireImage / Getty Images

Female models show their nipples all the time anyway, so it’s really NBD for the men.

10. So you could be forgiven for thinking the streaker was the grand finale to the show.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Dolce & Gabbana have had a rough couple of weeks. If anyone in fashion could use a little pick-me-up right now, it’s those guys.

Besides, according to deputy BuzzFeed Fashion editor Alex Rees, who’s live on the ground in Milan right now, no one’s been talking about the streaker. Because again: what’s a naked man on a men’s fashion week runway? Sky is blue, Snooki is tan, etc.

11. If you’re shamelessly curious enough to view the full NSFW streaker photo, get ready. It’s right after this Xtina gif.

12. OK, fine — here’s one more buffer GIF before the dick pic. Fair warning: it’s not worth getting this excited about.

13. And here you go.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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