End Of Summer Book Guide

Need a book to round out the summer? Here is a perfect book guide that will fit anyone’s needs!

1. For the art enthusiast

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The Curse of Van Gogh by Paul Hoppe

At the hottest art opening of the season, Tyler, a simple New York City bartender, meets Japanese billionaire and art collector Kommate Imasu. Kommate knows more about Tyler than his own mother and begins making threats toward Tyler’s friends and family. Tyler is forced into a world full of art forgers, hit men, Yakuza, and the legendary curse of Van Gogh, all to pull off the greatest art heist in history.

2. For the animal lover

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Wild Within: How Rescuing Owls Inspired a Family by Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart, a lonely young divorcée and L.A. transplant, finds herself stranded in rainy Eugene, Oregon, working from home in the company of her two cats and two large mutts. At the local dog park, she meets a fellow dog owner named Jonathan: a tall, handsome man with a unibrow and hawk-like nose. Their courtship blossoms in a raptor rehabilitation center where wounded owls, eagles, falcons, and other iconic birds of prey take refuge and become ambassadors for their species. Initially, Melissa volunteers here in order to “sink her talons” into her new love interest, but soon she falls hopelessly in love with her fine feathered charges. Caring for birds triggers a deep longing in Melissa to mother an orphaned child. Thus, Melissa and Jonathan embark on a journey to adoption.

3. For the wild child

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Mating for Life by Marissa Stapley

An honest and heartwarming story that explores the obstacles of marriage, friendship, motherhood and what it takes to love someone for life. As former folk singer and feminist Helen Sear and her three daughters navigate through life they discover the many roles that women can play and that some love can really last for life.

4. For the journalist

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Gravel on the Side of the Road by Kris RadishKris Radish has returned to her non-fiction roots in her new novel of autobiographical essays. Kris has led an extraordinary life as a novelist and journalist who has experienced four decades worth of adventure and chaos, that makes for some amazing stories. Gravel on the Side of the Road is full of wit, wisdom, heartbreak, humor and love that will pull on your heart strings.

5. For the teen reader

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Rebels by Jill Williamson

The remnant of Glenrock has been scattered. But they are not beaten. The Safe Lands have long kept the true meaning of Liberation secret from their people. But after being sentenced to Liberation themselves, Mason and Omar soon discover the truth. If they can all unite their efforts, together they may be able to expose the Safe Lands’ lies to the people. But if they fail, they will all surely die. This young adult, dystopian series is a captivating read for guys and girls who are itching for a new world to explore and a fresh hero to treasure.

6. For the thrill seeker

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One Kick by Chelsea Cain

Famously kid-napped when she was five, Kick stole America’s heart when she was rescued five years later. Trained as a lock picker, escape artist and bomb maker while she was held captive, Kick finds herself having to use her skill sets 16 years later while entangled in a missing child case. An entertaining thrill ride, One Kick will leave you at the edge of your seat with every turn of the page.

7. For the 20-something

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Friendship by Emily Gould

A novel about two friends that are slowly learning the difference between getting old and growing up. Bev and Amy have been friends for years, and now approaching thirty, the pair is dreadfully entering adulthood and they have to face that growing up might also mean growing apart. Friendship explores the relationship between two close friends with humor and wry sympathy and examines the meaning of maturity that follows growing up.

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