Crazy Shoe Alert

1. Egads?

Céline is one of the most important and influential fashion labels of our time. Its latest collection to walk the runway in Paris included a shocking addition: dyed-fur pumps.

2. Paired with dresses, they looked like franken-slippers from the front.

3. They also came in solid lilac.

I do not even want to BEGIN to think about foot odor in these things. And they’re for SPRING/SUMMER!

6. The flats might be more “practical” for the faint of foot.

What’s the marketing on this? “Balance out a cankle with a really fluffy shoe!”?

9. And for the woman who just wants a hint of fur in her pumps, there were floor-skimming pants that mostly covered them up.

Look like you forgot to change out of your slippers before you left the house! It’s that “I don’t care — but I do!” look the hipsters have been capitalizing on for ages.

11. They’re a minimalist alternative to, well, you know…

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