Crazy motorcycle chase through a shopping mall

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A police video showing a motorcyclist speeding through the streets of Surrey, B.C., before making the decision to head inside a shopping mall and riding across a pedestrian overpass was accidentally released and subsequently uploaded to YouTube.  The chase video includes footage from the road chase, but unbelievably the video includes mall security footage showing the motorcycle riding down the escalator!

The video, released by Live Leak and uploaded to YouTube on March 13, cuts between police helicopter and cruiser footage and surveillance footage from inside the Guildford Town Centre.

Guildford Town Centre - Google Maps

Motorcycle Chase Location

The description from the police helicopter overhead is remarkable.  They watch as the motorcycle enters the Walmart through the rooftop parking.  The video shows several people moving out of the way of the motorcycle as it plunges down an escalator and through a set of sliding doors, narrowly missing customers and children. Security guards can be seen running in pursuit.

Helicopter footage shows the motorcyclist leaving the mall and continuing at excessive speed through multiple intersections, eventually riding across the Hwy 1 pedestrian overpass towards Tynehead Park, as two pedestrians jump out the way of the speeding cyclist.

The video ends with a shot of the motorcycle, which bears stickers supporting the Hells Angels, and the rider’s face has been blurred in the video footage.

Police officials have confirmed that the video was created by an investigator and are looking into how it became public.  Surrey RCMP posted a news release about the Feb. 20 incident, noting that they had been informed of a motorcyclist riding dangerously around 1.50 p.m. PT that day.  They said the suspect was described as a white male in his 40s.



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