Corgis During College Admissions Season

1. It’s that time of the year again: college admissions season!


2. Everyone’s talking about who got in where.

“Did you hear? Katie got into Smith.” “Only because she’s double-legacy through her moms.”

3. And everyone is stressing out.

“Ugh, if I don’t get into Northwestern, I will just DIE.”

4. Except for this guy, who applied early decision and found out in December.

“Senior year? More like senior beer, am I right?” To be fair, Mark had technically been at Middlebury for four months now.

5. But this corgi is still waiting on admission emails.

“Ugh, I hope they don’t pull a UCLA on me.”

6. Mailman just came by—LETTERS. THIS MIGHT BE IT.


7. There are the lucky corgis…

“Mom! Dad! I got into Columbia!”

8. And there are the helpful corgis…

“Don’t worry. Princeton will get you off that wait list, and then we’ll make fondue together every night!”

9. And there are the obnoxious corgis.

“Um, it’s pronounced ‘Vassar,’ like ‘ass,’ as in ‘move yours.’ Thank you.”

10. But is everyone ready for that next big step?

“I don’t think I can handle a long-distance thing right now, Ryan. I’m sorry. I’m going to Cornell and I just want me to be able to do me, you know?”

11. Some are more prepared than others.

“The school tie was my grandfather’s. He was Barkmouth class of 1952.”

12. Can everyone handle the changes?

“I feel like it’s a new set of rules and like a new environment and I think I’m like scared I won’t be able to like handle it. It’s just like, why does NYU have to be in New York City?”

13. But hopefully everyone will feel right at home at orientation…

“Hi! I’m Eliza! What’s your name?” She was always very charismatic at Hunter College High School.

14. And meet lots of new friends.

“Guys, I’m proud of us. We’re so diverse.”

15. In the end, everyone will love where they end up and get used to it really quickly.

17. Happy Admissions Season!

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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