Community Post: Why I Want To Work At BuzzFeed

1. They’re single-handedly redefining the advertising industry and journalism.

Not only does BuzzFeed claim this in their very own about me, but check out this awesome New York Magazine article about it.

I mean, look at these statistics.

Dayum. Congrats!

2. Their user experience is a…

4. They have one of those awesome open workspaces.

Facebook: samirmezrahi / Via Samir Mezarhi’s Facebook

So I can fangirl with the girl who sits next to me about the latest GIRLS episode. Girl.

With their classic reaction logos everywhere.

Even IRL!

So I can organize my life.

5. You can write on all the walls!

*That are made for writing on.*

6. Grumpy Cat once worked there!!!

I heard the beautiful Miss Tarder Sause might have even cracked a smirk while on the job.

And a pony!

Or he/she just visited… probably visited.

But Nyan Cat is always around.

Do, do, do, do, da, da, do.

7. My coworkers would be The Best.

We’d take funny photo booth picture together at the office Holiday party. <3

8. They had a super serious viewing of the Golden Globes.

Because entertainment news never sleeps!
Are Tina Fey & Amy Poehler not the best?

9. We’d participate in viral video memes.

Sorry if this seems a little outdated.

10. OMG Just hire me already.

I’ll help even out that M.

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