Community Post: Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is The Best Thing On TV

1. Andy Samberg as Peralta

Jake Peralta is a hotshot detective who likes to fly solo and likes to solve crimes. Basically everything he says and does is hilarious. Samberg may not be writing, but it is classic SNL caliber stuff.

2. Terry Crews as Jeffords

Jeffords is literally Terry Crews. He had a few “incidents” in the field, so he’s in the office for a while. Big Tittie Terry has moved on from coffee and donuts, but the worries of a new family are a burden. However, don’t talk shit about the minivan.

3. Joe Lo Truglio as Boyle

Boyle is the precinct’s food critic and struggling Casanova. His weekly email blast may be useless, but he is a worker bee. Boyle is weird (not as bad as Scully and Hitchcock) and may be the… butt of many jokes, however, he will make you fall out of your chair.

4. Andre Braugher as Capt. Holt

Holt is the boss…like actually the boss. The unsmiling captain spreads on the sarcasm thick. Side note: Holt status as a gay character is fun, inspiring and commendable! You go Holt, you go.

5. Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti

Giiiiina is one of the funniest parts of this show. Her job is to not-give-a-shit an to troll everybody. The sassy secretary does it very well and she is a hidden gem in the show.

6. Santiago and Diaz

The fine ladies of the Nine-Nine are hilarious. Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) bring the rule follower and temper receptively. Santiago seeks the attention of her captain, but is partnered with Peralta, which leads to comedy gold. Diaz, presumably raised by wolves, has short fuse and blunt attitude, wrapped in a leather jacket. New York’s Finest…looking.

7. Cameos

The cameos of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been great so far. Kid Cudi, Patton Oswalt, “Mayhem” Dean Winters and Stacy Keach are a few of many. I love cameos and I look forward to possible SNL friends and fellow comedian cameos.

Seriously. Brookiyn Nine-Nine makes me laugh for the whole show. It’s incredibly quotable and makes me look for each episode. Andy Samberg, Terry Crews and Chelsea Peretti are my favorites. Sarcasm, slapstick, and awkward. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on FOX, Tuedsays t 8:30pm or on Hulu.

9. Hopefully we’ve convinced you!

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