Community Post: Whats It Like To Be Ryan Lochte?

1. You get all the hot babes


2. You kind of fail at interviews

not so Jeah

3. Sometimes you just don’t know what to say

so you just say Jeah…

4. You usually don’t know whats going on

5. You’ve got your own vocabulary

but don’t know what vocabulary means

8. You’ve got a jumping banana in your head

um wait what?

10. You will probably be president someday

ya right

11. You’ve got your own TV show

and its fanfrickentastic

12. You have to shave every day

to stay smooth

14. and when you do shave it’s with a gold plated razor


16. Being super attractive comes easy

17. Your a popular Halloween costume

you have a secret twin

it feels so weird to be dry

19. Your smile was the biggest controversy in London

Jeah Jeah Jeah

20. You have a great fashion sence


22. This is probably true

yep it’s a fact

23. You pee in pools

hey at least he’s being honest

24. Your actually a really great guy

you support many charites

you inspire kids

your a mama’s boy

27. You go Glenn Coco!

or maybe Ry Lolo

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