Community Post: What It’s Like Playing Clash Of Clans

1. Welcome Chief!

You just started your Village, and after the tutorial, you really have no clue what to do. Accept that you are a newbie. Take things slow; you can’t get attacked if you have a Shield.

2. Make ALL The Gold!

Your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors are kicking into gear. Now you have full storage all the time! $pend it on all the thing$!!!!! that is until later.

3. Clan Castle!

You’ve earned enough to build a Clan Castle, and join a Clan! You can join a clan with your posse or a random clan; just be sure it has a baddass name. No one can stop you now!!

4. Waiting……

At first building, upgrades, and research take a few minutes to a few hours. Ugh. At higher levels it take days…or even weeks. WEEKS.

5. You Got Attacked and Won!

Psh. As stated above, you are invincible. All enemies will crash upon your walls like water. Neener neener.

6. You Got Attacked and Lost 🙁

Why me? In your realm of peace, someone has dared to violate your village. If you get destroyed 100% you feel devastated. And angry. These feelings are multiplied when attacked by Dragons….


You can claim Revenge on those who attacked you. Will you seek victory? or scorched earth? Just make it worth, cuz no one likes a failed revenge.

8. How You Feel About Wallbreakers.

Wallbreakers are little suicide bombers and they do what they want. Actually. Oh, let’s just run around and not attack the most strategically weak wall. This is why we can’t have nice things.

9. I did NOT see that coming…

Sometimes you literally encounter traps. a spring trap could fling half your army into space, or a well placed bomb could decimate your force. Noooooo not a Hidden Tesla.

10. Economic…uh…Recession?

Suddenly, your coffers are empty. You have no gold or no elixir…or worse, neither. You can’t receive gold or elixir from clan members. The next step is to STEAL from unsuspecting players.


Once you are higher level, you can donate/receive troops via Clan Castle. But there’s always that one guy who spams donate. Either it’s a low level asking for level a million dragons, or a freeloader. DONATE or KICK

12. Enemy Clan Castle *Sigh*

Sometimes you attack a relatively easy target aaaand BOOM…their Clan Castle had 5,000 max level archers. WTF. NOO. They go to pound town on your puny troops. Uh, well…good try

13. Picking Your Battles

You can pick who you fight. Skip those OP level 9 million players with 500 wizard towers and 10 Xbows. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope


Really the ONLY point at which you feel truly satisfied is when you can Train Dragons. You are the Daenerys Targaryen of Clash of Clans……well, until you get attacked by Dragons. qq

This game is fun to play with friends. Those with Senioritis will thoroughly enjoy this game, as I do. Just remember….it’s all about the dragons.

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