Community Post: The Truth About Caticorns

1. The company behind the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats, Archie McPhee, recently shared with us this glamorous behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot for their product using a cat named Spyke.

2. Although Spyke seems to be tolerant of his new magical accessory, let’s see how other cats are enjoying their newfound Caticorn status. After all, the box says “Cats love it!”

3. First, here is the Urban Dictionary definition of a Caticorn:

1. Caticorn
A mystical animal that is half cat, half unicorn. It has the head of a cat with an unicorn horn and the body of a cat with an unicorn tail. It makes the sound “neow.”

When walking through the magical forest, Katie and Megan were stalked by a caticorn.

4. And in case you need some visuals of the mystical creature…

6. This guy even got a Caticorn tattooed on his chest…

7. However, the reality falls somewhat short of the fantasized version.

In fact, the cats don’t seem to be into it at all.

14. Humiliation.

Yes, someone actually knit their cat a unicorn horn.

18. In fact, there are only two cats who seem to enjoy being a Caticorn…

This one might actually believe it.

19. And this one:

Whose face says it all.

20. Let’s face it, the combination of a cat and a unicorn will never feel like this:

21. But we can still dream.

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