Community Post: The Most Ridiculous News Headlines That Actually Made It To Print

1. Obviously…..

2. This Does Not Look Like It Will End Well.

3. I Think This Is Seven Years Off….

4. Not Surprised…

5. Clarity Is of Utmost Importance.

6. Maybe They Were Intimidated?

8. Honestly, I would enjoy being ‘mistress of the universe.’ It means I could wear the highest heels and the fiercest dress.

9. A town proves it’s so boring that this ends up as a news story.

10. This Is Just Sad…

12. To tell the truth, I’m a little relieved.

13. To be fair, anything involving Anthony Weiner’s name is going to be pretty ridiculous.

14. Ummm. No Thank you!

15. Glad to know she’s so supportive.

16. I sure hope so!

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