Community Post: The Evolution Of A Bad Haircut

1. It begins with an Idea

Is the “Starfish mates with the Statue of Liberty and then mutates into Lisa Simpson” hair-style in these days? Who cares, you don’t follow fashion trends – you make your own!

2. You head down to the salon

You’re all pumped, ready to go! You know this time it’s going to be different. This is going to be *the* haircut that defines you.

3. You tell your stylist what you want

They tell you that they think it might work…liars!!

4. then the magic starts to happen

Um, did we agree on this? I’m pretty damn sure this isn’t what I asked for?!

5. after what feels like an eternity…it’s “reveal time”

This is what you envision before laying eyes on your new “do”. Sophistication, style, sexy factor of 11…

6. followed by “reality time”

WTF?! Did I run over a pet of yours and not know it?!

7. Your stylist is all like…

Your idea was terrible and it’s half-off Wednesday’s – what did you expect?

8. You’re upset and call your friends on the way home

Better yet – why didn’t you try to stop me?! You obviously don’t even care about me!!

9. You have no choice but to come to terms with your fate

I mean you can only bang your head on your steering wheel so many times before you risk a concussion.

10. And realize there is a quick fix out there for your situation…

Are trucker hats still in? How’s about a nice beret?

11. You realize it’s best to remain positive and that your hair will grow back

or you just buy extensions and *leave it at that*

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