Community Post: The 27 Most WTF Moments From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

27. Gemma gets framed for murder and splits.

Stahl was a deeb, we all know that. The icing on the cake was killing the son of an IRA kingpin and then framing Gemma. This nonsense set off a horrible chain of events.

26. Jax almost screws his sister.

This is what happens when families keep secrets. You go on a little trip to Belfast and before you know it you’re (unbeknownst to either of you) making out with your sister. But maybe the most WTF part is how unphased Jax is by the whole mess.

25. Jax decides to let Abel go.

The gun business is not a joke. Jax’s first born is kidnapped by the IRA and given away for adoption to a very nice family. Jax tracks them down but ultimately decides to let Abel stay with them, hoping he can save Abel from a life like his.

24. The IRA bombs the SOA club house.

Kurt Sutter clearly has a bone to pick with the IRA because he makes them look like assholes. They bomb the clubhouse, knowing there will be a full table, as retaliation for the sons getting out of the gun trade. Jax barely gets Abel out on time.

23. Clay is a moron and gets the sons hard time.

It had already become rather apparent that Clay’s leadership might be problematic. But when he sends his crew into what is effectively a nazi church assembly, six of them get arrested for serious gun charges and go away for an undisclosed amount of time.

22. Tig kills Damon Pope’s daughter.

Tig’s a bit of a wild card. When he hastily seeks revenge on Leroy for seemingly attempting to kill Clay, he accidentally runs over and kills Leroy’s girlfriend instead, who happened to be Damon Pope’s daughter. Let’s just say that caused a few problems.

21. The drive-by that kills Deputy Chief Hale.

You were just starting to maybe kind of respect Hale. And then some asshole goes and runs over his face.

20. Pope burns Tig’s daughter alive.

You do not mess with Damon Pope. He is literally ok with setting young girls on fire and making their father watch. Also I’m depressed that this isn’t even remotely one of the most shocking moments from this show.

19. You realize Jax isn’t a rat.

We should have never doubted our sweet prince. While you’re lead to believe all his secret talks with Stahl are being done behind the club’s back, you find out that they actually knew all along and that Jax was manipulating Stahl. As the guys are about to go away for gun charges, you’re made to fear for Jax’s life, that he’ll get killed inside for ratting. But when he’s with the rest of his club, they all just smile, knowing what they pulled off.

18. Jax cuts his hair in prison.

This was just really hard for us all, alright? But any moron would shed those glorious blonde locks while in prison. You all know why.

17. Jax decides to turn himself in.

In an attempt to spare Tara from prison time, Jax offers to turn himself in as the supplier of the KG-9 that a young boy used in a school shooting. Tara will raise the boys away from the club life and Jax is looking at a 25 year prison sentence.

16. Juice tries to hang himself.

Things start to really unravel for Juicy Boy as he contemplates a series of betrayals he’s responsible for. He tries to hang himself from a tree but ultimately survives.

15. Otto bites off his own tongue.

That’s one hell of a way to say you won’t talk. Jesus.

14. Otto kills a nurse.

Otto continued to prove just how dangerous a man with nothing to lose can be. He murders a prison nurse with a crucifix that Tara had naively brought him. Otto’s actions simultaneously kill RICO, get Tara charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and sends the nurses brother, a deranged ex-Marshall, into a frenzy of revenge.

13. Tara is abducted and her hand is almost destroyed.

In another edition of ‘Clay is the worst person ever,’ he sends people to abduct and kill Tara. Jax saves her, but not before her hand is slammed in the car door, crushing it. As a neonatal surgeon, she is left to wonder if she’ll ever work again.

12. Gemma is gang raped by Nazis.

Watching Gemma deal with the attack and it’s emotional aftermath is utterly heartbreaking.

11. Jax saves Tig’s life and then kills Pope, framing Clay for the murder.

At this point, you’re a little worried that the gavel has totally corrupted Jax. He turns Tig over to Damon Pope to be murdered, shocking Tig. But then Jax saves Tig and lets him kill the man who burned his daughter alive. Pope asks Jax if he knows what happens to the person who kills him and Jax responds that he’s counting on it. Tig then realizes that Jax had handed him Clay’s gun to kill Pope.

10. Juice kills Miles and frames him as the one who stole the coke.

Things took a wrong turn when Juice stole coke from the club to provide a sample to the cops. Miles caught him so Juice killed him and told the club Miles was the thief.

9. Clay’s home invasions.

Because Clay hadn’t been doing quite enough to ruin people’s lives, he hired some club members to invade homes in Charming for his own gain. It all goes terribly south when they invade the Sheriff’s home and kill his wife and unborn child.

8. Clay murders Piney.

Basically if you’re a halfway decent person Clay will at least TRY to kill you.

7. The IRA kidnaps Abel.

This physically hurt to watch. But it also resulted in an entire awesome season in Belfast.

6. Jax shoots crank into Wendy’s shoulder.

Like, he literally shoved a needle into his ex-wife’s shoulder to keep her away from his family. She has been sober for quite a long time and this was a new low for Jax to destroy that.

5. Gemma tries to kill Wendy.

The easiest way to screw with a junkie? Leave them a syringe of crank in a bible while they’re strapped to a hospital bed, according to Gemma Teller.

4. Tara fakes a miscarriage and frames Gemma for some serious shit.

These ladies sure have had their ups and downs. But shit got REAL when Tara faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage to ensure Gemma would never get custody of her sons if she went to prison. She framed Gemma for assaulting her, got numerous people to lie as witnesses, and inevitably convinced Jax to sign paperwork to keep Gemma away forever.

3. Tig kills Donna… by mistake.

This episode still makes me so sad. Stahl has Clay and Tig convinced that Opie is a rat, which he isn’t. Behind the club’s back, they decide to kill Opie. But it all goes horribly wrong when Ope and Donna switch cars, resulting in Tig unknowingly shooting Donna in the back of the head in Opie’s truck. Opie never really recovers from this.

2. Opie’s death.

Sorry, there’s just no recovering from this kind of thing. I cry THINKING about it.

1. Gemma murders Tara.


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