Community Post: The 16 Weirdest Names For Canadian Cities

1. WaWa, Ontario

Comes from the Ojibwa word “wewe” which means wild goose. It’s also home to this large goose sculpture.

2. St. Louis du Ha! Ha!, Quebec

No, I did not add the exclamation marks.

3. Frogmore, Ontario

I so want to live there.

4. SexSmith, Alberta

The name isn’t as juicy as you may think. It is named after a fur trader named David Sexsmith.

5. Dildo, Newfoundland

There are many theories about how this name came to be, from parts of ships, a Spanish sailor, even a cactus tree.

6. Dorking, Ontario

Population: 205 000 people.

7. Vulcan, Alberta

Yes, you read that right. The city hosts an annual galaxy fest, a start trek walking tour, a 31 foot replica of the Vulcan Star Ship and a Vulcan reality game. And, not to mention, Leonard Nemoy finally visited Vulcan for the first time.

8. Bastard, Ontario

“Welcome to Bastard, Ontario, where you will always receive a warm welcome … bastard …”

9. Finger, Manitoba

I’m not too sure about how that one came to be.

10. Otterville, Ontario

People always laugh when you tell them your hometown is Otterville.

11. Nameless Cove, Newfoundland

The province is at it again! This city used to be called Flowers Cove, but another city stole it and registered under the name, so the townspeople had to come up with a different one. Kudos to you for the naming skill.

12. Spread Eagle, Newfoundland

Again, I don’t know why people chose this.

13. Climax, Saskatchewan

Named after another town: Climax, Minnesota.

14. Forget, Saskatchewan

Wait, what was I going to say again?

15. Come by Chance, Newfoundland

I was just searching the internet when I came upon this … you know, by chance.

16. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

OK, this one isn’t really a city, it’s a buffalo jump, but I mean, come on. Really?

I know what you’re thinking. WTF?

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