Community Post: John St. Won Again With ExFEARiential

From the authors of hilarious videos like catvertising and Pink Ponies: A Case Study here is ExFEARiential, the brand new service offered by John St, an advertising agency based in Toronto.

The step from experience to exFEARience is simple.
The purpose of the new exFEARiential marketing division is clear:

Give your customers an experience they’ll never, ever forget. Muggings. Riots. Babynappings. We’ll do anything to get your brand noticed.

And if you look closer, you will notice that this time the guys at John St. had the balls to mention and make fun of specific campaigns, like Carlsberg puts friends to the test and NIVEA Deo: Stresstest.

Another brilliant and funny, yet dramatic, video to make us think about the last trends in advertising and the process of standardization in creativity.
So congratulation, guys.
Keep up the good job!

P.S. Do you think some companies will actually contact John St. for this kind of service?

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