Community Post: How “Sherlock” Fans React Every Time There’s News About The Show

1. We have been on hiatus for far too long, so most of the time, we are bored

Sometimes, the walls take the pounding.

2. Every fandom keeps getting exciting news almost every week, except for us

I envy the Breaking Bad fandom.

3. But we are very supportive group, this is our motto

Because, S3 is eventually happening. We just don’t know when.

4. So, when something new shows up, we almost not believe it

Many rumors, it’s hard to believe, our hopes are easily crashed.

5. But when we know it’s not a rumor

Our “minds palace” are in shock and the whole fandom “explodes” with joy.

6. We check tumblr, websites, twitter, almost every second until the shocking news is revelead

For example, today, with the new photos.


And we spread the word to every sherlockian fan.

8. !!! *insert news here*

This was today’s news.

9. One side of the fandom: happy and excited

Sorry, i couldn’t find any other gif.

10. The other side was: sulking and having a tantrum

I was mad.

11. At least, we always have something that prevents us from going to London.

They look so happy and cute!

12. But i’m pretty sure, BBC and Moffat’s goal is this

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