Community Post: Dealing With Your Drunk Texting The Morning After

1. So you wake up and feel a little hungover.

2. Probably because you were best friends with that bottle of vodka last night.

3. Things may have gotten a little out of hand.

4. But you don’t care because you had a damn good time, and that’s all that matters.

5. Until you remember you still haven’t checked your phone this morning.

6. So you give yourself a little pep talk and are prepared for whatever you’re about to face.

7. You see that first name in your text message inbox.

You were not prepared for THIS!

8. They called you out for the drunk text right away.

9. That doesn’t stop you from telling them what you think about their new Facebook pic.

10. Or how you’ve become somewhat of a cooler person since you last saw them.

You really haven’t though…

11. Then old feelings come creeping back and get the best of your drunk self.

12. When you read this, a little bit of you dies inside.

Oh don’t you worry there’s still more left to read.

13. Then you just start sounding weird.

14. And start going on a drunk tangent.

17. At some point during your rant you just have a complete mood swing.

18. They’re on the other end of this conversation like…

19. Finally drunk you has some sense knocked into them and abruptly aborts this epic fail of a conversation.

It’s about time.

20. Now you’re hungover and contemplating your life’s existence.

21. And are left with the decision: To send an apology text or not to send?

22. Just remember one thing…

23. Drunk text responsibly, my friends.

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