Community Post: Dawson’s Creek: Where Are They Now?

1. Here’s the gang

The original crew on the creek: Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and new-to-town Jen

2. Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek)

THEN: Dawson was the kind of whiny protagonist with big dreams to one day become a director like his idol, Steven Spielberg. Even though he was the lead, you often found yourself rooting for the other characters on the show.

NOW: When did James get so good looking?! Was it the long blonde hair that kept his hottness at bay? Because he’s a stone cold fox now. He’s still on TV now, doing his thing and making fun of himself along the way.

4. Joey Potter (Katie Holmes)

THEN: Sweet Joey Potter, she was the real star of this show. We followed all of her relationships avidly (Pacey being the most important, obvi) and we turned in week after week to see what she was really up to.

NOW: Recently divorced and celebrating mayonnaise’s birthday Katie is leading an interesting life. But actually, she’s not just Suri’s mommy or the former Mrs. Cruise. Katie’s back in the acting game, starring in a movie featuring Taylor Swift, Jeff Bridges, and Meryl Streep (random casting) coming out next year.

6. Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson)

THEN: Teen heartthrob, because who didn’t love this cute face after seeing the Mighty Ducks, then meeting him as the funny, perfect-boyfriend Pacey Witter? Joshua Jackson stole millions of teen girl’s hearts as Dawson’s best friend.

NOW: Still swoon worthy. Some men get better with age, and Joshua is one of them. Josh had a nice run on FOX’s Fringe until it ended this year. Now he’s joining Katie on the big screen working on some films to come out in 2014.

8. Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams)

THEN: Jen was the pretty new girl from New York i with a bit of past that Dawson was instantly interested in. As the series progressed, Jen morphed from party girl to serious character that we all loved.

NOW: Michelle is flawless. Short hair, extensions for films, whatever she looks just awesome. Oz the Great and Powerful might have been a major disappointment, but she was perfect as Glinda the Good.

10. Grams (Mary Beth Peril)

THEN: She was Jen’s actual grandma, she really she acted as the residential grandmother for the group. Grams was prepped for her role with handfuls of wisdom, adorable old lady sweaters, and some serious sass if necessary.

NOW: Look at Grams now! Looking better than ever, Mary Beth is currently enjoying her time as Jackie Florrick on The Good Wife.

When season 2 rolled around, we welcomed two more to the gang! Let’s see what the hell Andie and Jack have been up to…

13. Andie McPhee (Meredith Monroe)

THEN: Andie was the super sweet, smart girl that Pacey fell in love with during the second season. “I’m still Andie, and my boyfriend makes me randy. His name is Pacey, and my mom’s gone completely crazy!” her best line in the whole series.

NOW: She still has that same smile after all these years. She’s played Hotch’s wife on Criminal Minds since her character left the creek and had a few cameos here and there on TV.

15. Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith)

THEN: Jack was Andie’s cute brother that Joey turned to after Dawson, but we later found out the kind-of obvious: Jack was gay. In real life Kerr Smith was not, but his character portrayal of Jack pioneered the way for gay and lesbian kisses on TV when he shared a passionate kiss with then-boyfriend Ethan (the first on US television!!).

NOW: I’m sorry, please excuse me but…WHAT! It’s only been 10 years since our beloved Dawson’s Creek ended!!!!! I can’t even think about the movies Kerr will be in next year because I can’t get over this.

The only good thing about the college years was we got Audrey and she was hilarious

18. Audrey Liddell (Busy Phillips)

THEN: Audrey was Joey’s roommate at Worthington and she was everything you wanted in a roomie. She was bubbly, funny, dressed perfectly, and rich! But her character came with as many problems (see: drinking issues that led to her crashing a car into a house) that needed to be taken care of.

NOW: Busy is looking absolutely FIERCE while working it on Cougar Town as the resident party girl (maybe somethings don’t change).

Going to go binge watch all six seasons now and pretend that they have not grown up (except for James, because he’s so much hotter now) and try not to cry.

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