Community Post: Cole Sprouse’s Instagram Account Is Genuinely Hilarious


1. Cole gets recognized every where and by every species imaginable.

#cameraduels #peanutgallery #bleachers #gigglefits #giggleshits In Argo tea, before I descended the staircase towards my classroom, I heard the loud squawks of what I believed to be a flock of buzzards. Lo and behold, to my antisurprise, it was three. grown. women. These adult-infants had apparently recognized me and caused such a fuss, I was able to spot them on the overhang. Quick was my gun, and soon those buzzards had been shot and de-feathered. One of the birds came up to apologize after the deed was done, in triumphant remorse she introduced herself to me and then was off. Nice girl, bad stealth.

2. When appropriate, he will offer kudos to those who demonstrate good “game.”

Caption: #wow #goodtechnique #cameraduels #radiationpoisoning #reflect #shinobiSince the Sengoku period of Japan, Japanese mercs have employed the art of secrecy in order to achieve victory. Whilst sitting in a japanese resturaunt I caught, by far, the sneakiest technique I have seen, and the best, in my opinion. Like a bank shot, this duelist used the reflection of the glass in order to take a picture. She would have likely gotten away clean if the combined radiation from her phone and the microwave hadn’t crisped my eyebrows and alerted me to the process. Good game shinobi, good game

3. Usually, though, he calls out those with weak strategies.

Caption: One of the most impressive techniques I’ve yet seen. Her gaze is directed towards another direction to make it seem as if she was casually turning the phone right at me. I would have been fooled too, if when she turned the phone around, I didn’t catch a glimpse of the camera ready screen. I’m not that paranoid… I?

Caption: #cameraduels #cheesecake #caughtredhanded #notimetopose Caught in a crowded restaurant. Even with all the people surrounding her, I was still able to distinguish when she was trying to take the shot. Her friend was quite surprised when I raised my camera in a competional fervor and soon after that feeling of shame spread to the wrongdoer.

Caption: #cameraduels #doesntevencare #SantiagoChile #redanarchy This kid just didn’t even care

6. Sometimes, however, Cole is just as shameless as his fans are.

Caption: #cameraduels #starvingcameltoe #broaddaylight This lady really didn’t give a crap about public opinion. Ok sure, maybe she does have a gobbling cameltoe, but she wore it like a badge and certainly didn’t care about what I thought of her.

Caption: #cameraduels #subwayshowdown #beanieindoors #cheetahprint This woman on the subway thought she was as fast as her cheetah print iPhone case. She didn’t know what to do when I pulled my phone equally as quick. The cheetah was beat, and I rode home in a triumphant daze.

Caption: #cameraduels #whilsteatinchicken #distanceshot This shot was acquired whilst gorging on delicious Roscoes chicken & waffles. Mouth full o chicken, I crunched violently and grinned as I won the duel.

9. At least this account has offered Cole the one thing money can’t buy: The souls of strangers.

Caption: #cameraduels #thunderousrage #sickeninggiggles #vengeance Took this picture just before she locked eyes with me and realized that I had captured her soul within my lens

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