Community Post: Because Your Boyfriend Won’t Marry You

1. Take time for yourself.

2. Make cool, new friends.

The devil is SO hip right now.

3. Be a supportive friend: pretend you’re really interested in how pregnancy works.

Because, you know, that’s going to be the next question you’ll be nagged about.

4. Practice your secret, killer karaoke song.

Remember to nod graciously when people tell you, you sound JUST like Adele.

5. Try out a new look.

Because maybe blondes do have more fun.

6. Be surprising! Tattoo Eyebrows on Your Dog.

Or maybe on someone else’s dog. Because, whatev, you’re single and carefree.

7. Remember to express your feelings:

8. ALSO – Remember to make time to talk with your boyfriend about your feelings.

9. Join a coven!

Because friends are magic.

10. Use the time you aren’t spending in domestic drudgery to improve yourself.

11. Just pretend everything is okay.

13. Express yourself through overly ambitious cooking projects.

14. And then Pinterest the hell out of them.

Nailed it.

15. Shift blame. Especially if it’s for things you’re actually guilty of.

So what you didn’t wash the dishes. It’s not like you’re married, right?

16. When his grandma asks when you two will get married:

17. Brag about your other accomplishments.

18. Play Games.

STEP 1: Hide at a party
STEP 2: See how long it takes your boyfriend to notice/find you.

19. Become really truthful with yourself and what you want.

20. Leave (not so) subliminal messages around the house for your significant other.

With note: “Clearly, what our relationship is incapable of.”

21. Write a “rom-com” that really expresses your feelings.

Because your boyfriend won’t marry you, you’re heart is a cold-blooded shark-tundra of emotions.

22. Take up a sexy instrument

23. Make-out with a rando.

24. Hang out with other strong women.

These ladies are arm-wrestling champions. Also LIFE champions.

25. Practice your surprise face – constantly.

You know, just in case.
Just remember – “surprise face” is “constipated face” but with less gas.

Most importantly – relax.

Marriage is a big decision. As long as you have someone you love, who loves you, you’re already winning at life.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like your non-married relationship is lacking. You are awesome!

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