Community Post: 9 Reasons 20-Somethings Love “20-Something” Lists

1. We’re Narcissistic

According to the TIMES article, ” The Me Me Me Generation,” Millenials are the most self-absorbed generation…ever. Clearly the reason why we love reading anything that might pertain to us.

2. We Have Short Attention Spans

We’re bombarded with an overload of imagery and text every day between our phones, computers and TV, so it’s no wonder our attention spans have evolved to that of a goldfish.

3. We Love Pictures

Come on, let’s face it. Lists are the digital version of picture books. Why read an article when you can read a list with the same information just shortened, and with pictures!

4. We Love #Sharing

We love sharing, and we love when people credit us for finding something that is awesome (see number one for that explanation). Lists can be easily shared and will most likely be viewed by our friends.

5. We are ALL Writers

Thanks to websites like this (shout out to Buzzfeed), everyone can be a contributer. Look, I’m doing it now! Posting articles or lists online give us a sense of power and importance because there is a chance that people outside our immediate group of friends might hear our voice.

6. We Can Relate…We Don’t Want to Feel Alone

Most lists are really relatable. Sometimes to a point that we’ve all posted a link and commented, “OMG so true!” People in general like the feeling of community, and knowing there are other people out there that are suffering/happy/etc too.

7. We Don’t Like Commitment

By this I’m talking about the fact that lists are finite. Generationally we have commitment issues (that’s another list entirely), so if we know that we’re getting into something that has a clear beginning and end, we’re more likely to commit.

8. We Love Short Cuts

Some marketers have pegged Millenials as the “On-the-go” generation. We want everything to be convenient, and we want it now. That goes for food, beverages and information as well, so lists give us a short-and-sweet option to reading and sharing knowledge.

9. We Want to Be Famous

Whether or not your dream growing up was to be on Broadway, we all still have hope that something we post online might go viral…giving us the opportunity to be internet famous. I tried my luck on Vine, but apparently I’m not as funny as I thought.

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