Community Post: 9 British Youtubers You Should Be Obsessing Over

1. Zoella280390

“Hello everyone!”

She’s quirky, she’s cute, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her videos are about all things beauty and fashion. She can often be seen sporting a bold lip and a Peter Pan collar.

Her best videos: Monthly Favorites
Subscriber count: 1.6 million

2. MarcusButlerTV


Marcus is funny, flirty, and basically flawless. He has a love of One Direction that we all can relate to and let’s face it, based on his looks he could join the band! He even posted a video of him getting his chest waxed to celebrate reaching 20k subscribers!

His best videos: when he impersonates his alter ego, a teenage girl
Subscriber count: 1.1 million

3. JacksGap

“Five minutes of your life that you won’t get back!”

I mean…look at them! Jack and twin brother Finn document trips, pranks, challenges and even a naked bungee jump on their channel. They’re hot, they’re funny, they do charity work, and they have that sexy British accent. What more can you ask for?

Their best videos: Twin Mail
Suscriber count: 2.2 million

4. TanyaBurr

“Hi guys!”

Tanya is just plain sweet, and talks to her viewers as if they are her best friends. She is a makeup pro and films step by step tutorials on how to get the look of your favorite celebrity.

Her best videos: makeup tutorials
Subscriber count: 1 million

5. ThatcherJoe

“Hello everyone!”

Younger brother of Zoella, Joe is just as cute + he has a killer set of abs! Though he only has 30 videos posted, each one is creative and will surely make you laugh out loud!

His best videos: Youtuber Inuendo Bingo
Subscriber count: 557,000

6. SprinkleOfGlitter

“Aloha sprinklerinos!”

Louise is a beauty guru, but also gives inspirational advice regarding being confident in your own skin. She is also absolutely hilarious and has the most adorable little girl!

Her best videos: anything featuring her little girl, Darcy
Subscriber count: 490,000

7. Dicasp

“Hello my name is Caspar Lee”

Okay, so technically he’s South African, but I had to include him in this list. Caspar’s dry humor and wit mixed with his charm will make you fall in love!

His best videos: exclusive interviews with…
Subscriber count: 1.1 million

8. JimChapman

“Hello best friends!”

Soon to be husband to YouTuber Tanya Burr, Jim’s got it all. He’s funny and smart and charming and witty and it all just makes you wonder if you’ll ever find yourself a man as good as him.

His best videos: ask Jim
Subscriber count: 665,000

9. PointlessBlog

“What’s up guys?”

Alfie just makes me smile! He’s charming and a bit awkward which makes him all the more attractive. He’s been making YouTube videos for almost four years, and has certainly perfected the craft.

His best videos: challenges
Subscriber count: 986,000

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