Community Post: 8 Unconventional Ways To Enjoy Turkey

1. Upside Down Turkey

This method is unique without being too weird, and some claim that it results in a juicier turkey. Just remember to flip it breast-side up for the last hour or so to make sure the skin browns up nicely.

2. Turkey on the Grill

Dealing with an overstuffed oven? Just take your turkey outside. When you grill turkey, position an aluminum roasting pan underneath to catch all the drippings and prepare for an insanely flavorful bird.

3. BBQ Turkey

Take your grill addiction one step further by adding barbecue sauce. Barbecued turkey is just as tasty as barbecued chicken and it’s certainly not just for summer cookouts. Bonus: this technique makes it easy to imagine that it’s still warm outside.

4. Slow Cooker Turkey

This technique is great for the lazy cook; toss everything in and let the slow cooker do the work for you. Slow cooking your turkey also opens up tons of oven space to make room for lots of other Thanksgiving goodies.

5. Turducken

Calling all carnivores! Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken is a no-fail way to satisfy the biggest of meat cravings. Not recommended for vegetarians or people watching their cholesterol. If health risks don’t concern you, get your heavy duty paper plates ready and consider adding bacon or sausage for extra deliciousness.

6. Tofurkey

At the opposite end of the meat spectrum is tofurkey, the perfect turkey alternative for vegetarians or anyone looking for a meatless main dish. Roast it alongside vegetables and baste for the full turkey cooking experience.

7. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

There are very few things that aren’t improved with the addition of bacon, and turkey is not one of them. If ice cream, donuts and hot dogs taste great with bacon, there’s no way a bacon-wrapped turkey won’t taste equally amazing.

8. Microwaved Turkey

Microwaving your turkey might not be the most flavorful method, but it’s still a possibility. This technique is perfect for college students or anyone else without access to an oven.

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