Community Post: 6 Alternatives To The Puppy Bowl

6. The Turtle Bowl

Why: 1. Turtles are freaking awesome.
2. Having a Turtle Bowl would open the floor to a whole kind new arena (cue the Game Makers from The Hunger Games). Goodbye to boring fields, hello beaches and gorgeous oceans!!!
3. Turtles are so chill, so there won’t be any drama regardless of who wins.

Possible Con: Turtles are kind of slow as hell. So this would be a 24-hour-long event. Which isn’t a bad thing, I mean c’mon, turtles all day? I’m game.

5. The Hedgehog Bowl

Why: Because it could also be known as the Cuddle Bowl. Or the Cute Bowl. Or the Snuggly Bowl. There’s so many nickname options (as opposed to “The Big Game”).

Possible Con: A game might not actually occur, but who cares. I’ll watch 3 hours of hedgehogs just hanging out. Even hedgehogs getting a bath. You know what, especially getting a bath.

4. The Bunny Bowl

Why: First off, bunnies HOP. So much cooler than animals who run! Cute little bunnies hopping all over the field, OMG *dying of cuteness*

Possible Con: If carrots are not served during the half time, a protest might occur during the second half.

3. The Piggy Bowl

Why: Still going with a cuteness factor, pigs are super cute when they’re little but they’ve also got a great sense of smell! So these little piggies can sniff out the ball quicker than some of these other options.

Possible Cons: Piggy poop.

2. The Hamster Bowl

Why: Their team huddles are top notch. Can you imagine a halftime show during which they de-stress by running on their wheels for 10 minutes straight?

Possible Cons: They might chew through their stadium. No biggie.

1. The Penguin Bowl

Why: We got a taste of what it was like to have penguins during a bowl game, and you cannot tell me that these cuties didn’t STEAL THE SHOW. They waddle. They had pom poms. They were perfection.

(Possible Cons: There are no cons to a Penguin Bowl.

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