Community Post: 29 Truly Terrible Tattoos

1. 1. “Do Not Iron”

Washing instructions. Complete with symbols. Okay.

2. 2. Hot Dog Pin-Up

This runs the gamut from “WTF” to “EWW.” Also, the ketchup/mustard look like crayons.

3. 3. Life

I don’t even know where to start. For one, this tattoo was NOT done properly at all. I’d sue. Secondly, it looks like crayon.

4. 4. Just Do It

I cannot think of a single reason that someone would do this. Unless Nike was paying them an exorbitant amount of money.

5. 5. Beautiful


6. 6. The Cheshire Cat

This looks like ballpoint pen.

7. 7. Corndong

If this wasn’t a drunk tattoo, I’d have this person’s head checked. Thoroughly.

8. 8. Darth Grumpy

Ech. Why.

9. 9. Memories

Terrible bands? Check. Typos? Check. Multiple appearances from Nickelback? UNFORGIVABLE.

10. 12. This Anchor Refuses To Sink


11. 12. Neckbiter

While this is very well done, IT IS CREEPY AS FUCK.

12. 13. YOLO

Oh, god. WHY.

13. 14. Cheeseburger in Paradise

I call drunk tattoo. I hope.

14. 15. Sore Lips

What even is the point of this?

15. 16. Coors Light

*scoff/eye roll*

16. 17. Jobstoppers

Just don’t get them. And definitely don’t get these.

18. 18. It’s the Pits


19. 19. It’s get better

Overused font + major typo. Oh, honey.

20. 20. Hand of God

Poorly done and… interesting concept.

21. 21. Dave

I honestly do not know what to say. Let’s start with “Why?”

22. 22. Forever Young

How to turn beloved Disney characters into horrifying beasts in one easy step.

23. 23. Giraffe

Oh, good lord.

24. 24. Spongebob Squarepants

Don’t. Don’t do this.

25. 25. The Simple Life

Why would anyone do this?

26. 26. I Just Want To Be Harry Potter

Yea, buddy, you SHOULD have tears in your eyes.

27. 27. Beers Beers Beers

I think he had a few of those before getting this tattoo.

28. 28. Dollface

This is well done. But it’s creepy. Creepy trumps well done.

29. 29. PBR


30. Seen any tragic tattoos? Share below!

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