Community Post: 26 Babies That Are Totally Milk Wasted

1. “I jus whan… won more… boddle.”

2. Brought in on charges of public intoxication, public urination, and spitting up on an officer of the law.

3. Milk-wasted baby just trying to leave the party.

“I’m jus puttin on my glub boots den we can peace da fuck out.”

4. Somebody put this baby to bed. He’s done.

5. “Wait… either I’m pissed or that is James fucking Gandolfini sitting at the end of my crib der.”

6. Drinks himself into the bottle: Every. Single. Day. Of. His Life. Thus. Far.

7. “Hey, hey, here’s an idear: How ‘bout you put YOURSELF to bed.”

“And tell your wife to bring those tits back on over here.”

8. PTFO. Now his friends are going to draw little baby dicks on his face.

9. Never shake a baby — especially one that’s milk wasted.

10. He started sneaking pulls from mom’s breasts. Then he moved on to the hard stuff: formula. Now look at him.

11. “Hey, you and me — we should get brunch tomorrow.”

12. So milk wasted he can’t even hold the bottle up anymore.

13. This is sign language for “teet me.”

14. Just shameful. Somebody flip this baby on his side.

15. PTFO on the cat.

Which is totally chill with the cat, btw.

16. Suri Cruise seen here getting milk wasted in broad daylight. Can you say, “Rehab, here I cyoooome!”?

17. “Steve, just chill, dude. I’m not that milk wasted.”

18. “Goin’ tah Taco Bell. You wanna come witt? I’m todally cool to drive.”

19. This baby is the anchor of his pledge class at day care.

20. “Hold up… I tink this broad over der is lookin’ at me.”

“Ah, neber mind. That’s jus a kitty cat.”

21. Omg, she’s so wasted she actually did it.

“Dude, now you have to take that shot.”

22. “Once it hits your lips, it’s so good.”

23. “Take me back to the playground, taxi man. My old lady’s probably looking for me.”

24. Drinking five bottles will do that to you.

25. This baby hits the pump hard.

26. Literally: one and done.

Like 1 year old, guys.

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