Community Post: 25 Times That Require “Me IRL” GiFs

1. When you’re all like stahp dont stahp

2. That time you forgot how to you

3. When you’re all like “How YOU doin?’ and/or having a stroke

4. When you want a hot body, a Bugatti, a Maserati, a Lamborghini, sip martinis, look hot in a bikini, live fancy in a big mansion and party in France

5. When you’re like “Fuck this.’

6. When someone at work is like “Can I get your help on my project?”

7. When you’re all like “omg you people lol”

8. When not even a well placed “bitch plz” will help

9. When, for whatever reason, you can’t even

10. When you shoulda left a note but didn’t

11. When you are all like “Datass”

12. When you just want to die but know you won’t.

13. When you’re done, like really done. Just done. Did I mention done?

14. When you’re all like “Well hello there.”

15. When you’re like “Now you have my attention’

16. When you’re all like “AWKWARD”

17. When you’re dead sexy.

18. When you’re all like “Really. I don’t know him. We just came in the same car.”

19. When you’re all like “Yup”

20. When you’re all like NOPE NOPE NOPE

21. When you are thinking “Welp, plz kill me now.”

22. When you’re all like “GUYS CAN I GET SOME HELP OVER HERE?!”

23. When you KNOW you’re the hottest bitch up in here

24. When you’re like OMFG

25. When you’re out

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