Community Post: 25 Things You’ll Experience Working A Ski Season

1. Waiting for the season to start will stretch out endlessly.

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How has it been this many months without doing the only thing that matters?

2. When you do get to the snow, you’ll be way over-excited.

I want to do everything all the time!

3. You’ll acquire a new religion, based almost entirely around falling snow.

Consider learning about Ullr, Norse god of snow and skiing.

4. More than 10 days without fresh snow will break you.

5. Powder Days are basically Christmas.

If you get the opportunity to trade a shift for one, do it. But be warned, it will be costly.

6. Christmas itself will become essentially irrelevant.

As will every other day of significance to people back in the real world.


Sleep is going to lose this fight…

8. Cold weather and lots of exercise will mean you’re permanently hungry.

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The metabolism of an Olympic swimmer has nothing on you.

9. Which means your meals will rapidly become simple, but huge.

And mainly made of baguettes.

10. Work will happen…but it’s not a focus, exactly.

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11. You’ll figure out that skiers and snowboarders have more in common than you might think.

We can all just get along!

12. At some point, you’ll probably break your skis.

The repair from a friendly Ski Tech will be the most important favor you’ll ever call in.

13. Though actually, most of your finances will be based on making arrangements with other season workers.

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Partly because you get free stuff, partly because no one has any money.

14. Specifically, the “Season Worker discount” in bars makes your evenings brilliant.

15. After a few weeks, you’ll have found the best, weirdest bar.

Often, it’ll involve fire. Or Scandinavians. Scandinavians are hardcore.

16. Every week, the whole town will fill up with a fresh batch of people.

Giving you a seemingly endless series of chances to strike out, and no one will remember the next week.

17. At some point, you’ll do something very ill-advised on the slopes.

It will be a miracle that you get away with it. Though it did seem like a great idea at the time.

18. You will always be trying to get more snow time in, regardless of the conditions.

It can be sub-optimal. Avoid cliffs.

19. However good you are, someone will always be better.

Sure, they’ve been living in resort for a decade, but it’s still annoying that they’re that good.

20. At some point you will screw up and it will hurt.

The key is to pretend it doesn’t.

21. Someone leaving mid-season feels like losing a member of your family.

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We’ll remember you FOREVER! Until your replacement arrives.

22. But every day is another opportunity to make first tracks somewhere.

Hours of hiking through three feet of thick powder is totally worth it.

23. You will spend the final weeks of the season desperately pretending there’s enough snow.

I can still do a run! That bit over there is only mostly brown!

24. …And it’s back to waiting for next year again.

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Is there snow in the Southern hemisphere? Argentina? There probably is, right?

25. Because when it’s good, it’s unbeatable.

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