Community Post: 24 Signs You May Be A Third Wheel

1. Everyone is having a grand old time, but no one seems to care about your opinion.

It’s OK, Harry. You’re the world’s most eligible bachelor.

2. It’s time for video games, but your pals have other kinds of scoring in mind.

3. You suddenly realize you have all the snacks to yourself.

Food will definitely fill the emptiness inside.

4. You realize that sidewalks aren’t wide enough for three people.

Death by car, or trail awkwardly behind?

5. Doing anything together becomes virtually impossible.

6. Your companions shamelessly make plans that don’t involve you.

7. You try to distract them from their tunnel vision of love, but to no avail.

8. After tirelessly wingmanning like a champion…

…your selflessness just leaves you hanging.

9. You’re asked to hold purses and nurse drinks while your friends get their groove on.


10. Slow songs inspire desperation.

11. Bartenders may take pity on you with free drinks and false empathy.

12. When you’re trying to enjoy a movie, you can’t ignore the rom-com subplot playing out next to you.

UGH. Get a room.

13. You find your eyes begin to tire from all the rolling.

14. You may even develop a deep resentment of all people, and yearn for the comfort of isolation.

15. You try really hard to keep up with the conversation.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters

16. You may even pretend like you know what’s going on.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters

17. But there’s just no popping the lovebird bubble.

18. You keep telling yourself you’re soooooooo happy they’re so happy.

This isn’t awkward AT ALL.

But in your heart of hearts, you feel a little more like this.

19. Photobombing becomes the only viable method of participation.

20. You may even feel this powerful urge.

Revenge can be sweet.

21. When you fail to catch on, your friends suddenly have pressing engagements.

22. They might try to pawn you off on someone else.

23. The worst sign is when they just ignore you completely.

24. And chances are, if your best friends cling to each other in times of mortal peril, you’re probably a third wheel.

Read the tea leaves, dummy.

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