Community Post: 24 Reasons Why “The View” Should Never Go Off The Air

1. It lets us experience the pure battyness of Barbara Walters on a regular basis.

We love you.

2. Whoopi Goldberg constantly brings the Real Talk.

3. She also wears outfits like this.

4. Sherri Shepherd gets to spend her time being SO Sherri.

Like when they showed footage of her being scared in a Haunted House.

5. The hosts of “The View” ask hard-hitting questions, and get hard-hitting answers.

6. They’re really hip and know how to do hip things.

Like when they did “Gangnam Style” with PSY.

7. When the President and First Lady came on the show, this is what the set looked like.

GET IT IT’S A PUN. (They do this a lot when government officials visit.)

8. Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s facial expressions.

Also the fact that someone decided that chick from Survivor should be sharing her opinions on television.

9. That time they wore wigs to support Sherri’s new wig line.

Elisabeth as a brunette is a weird improvement.

10. Remember when Joy Behar made out with Jane Fonda?

11. Or when Donald Trump kissed Barbara Walters?

12. Without “The View” we wouldn’t have Fred Armisen as Joy Behar on “The View.”

And then he wouldn’t get to come on the show and talk about it.

13. The hosts get their own seasonal mugs.

14. Sherri’s segments are always about her attempts at physical fitness.

15. Or singing about how much she loves Charmin toilet paper.

16. When Rosie was on the show, the ratings were amazing.

And someone actually gave Elisabeth a real run for her money (sorry Whoopi).

17. When Whoopi was excluded from a New York Times article about previous black Oscar winners, she did this:

Way to use your platform for good.

18. When former hosts leave, they do it in a dramatic fashion.

Like when Star Jones abruptly left in 2006 or when Star Jones denied she had gastric bypass surgery. Or anything involving Star Jones.

19. The hosts let their guests do bizarre things to them.

20. It really brings out the best of even legitimate journalists.

21. They do whole shows on “Hot Topics” and they’re amazing.

They’re usually about sex and sex and more sex.

22. Barbara used to start the show off with, “I’ve always want to do a show with women who have very different views. Careful what you wish for.”

She has had a number of hilarious introductions over the years.

23. They end every show with “Take a little time to enjoy the view.”


24. The best proof towards the amazingness of “The View” is that another show cropped up trying to be just like it.

It hasn’t worked.

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